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washing rinse for the washing machine

i don't know about you but i had a hubby who used to smoke and it wasn't light smoking but very heavy smoking. i would use fabric softener for the final washing rinse but you smokey smell would still be in the clothes. then i started using dettol sanitising laundry rinse which had natural eucalyptus oil in it to eliminate the smell of the smoke in the clothes.

it was an amazing change. the first wash you couldn't smell the smoke in the clothes. as well as doing that the sanitising laundry rinse would remove 99.9% of germs which was good if we were sick and helped stop passing germs onto the other and was good given hubby drives cabs.

this laundry rinse come in a 1.25 litre bottle and was about $8.00 a bottle which would last about 4 - 6 weeks.

given we are neways distributors, i found some of the newbrite guardian disinfectant on the table where the neways purchases for us are put and i thought i would give it a go. this products sells for approximately up to $25 but remember this 750 ml bottle will give you 470 litre makeups.

well you would never know that this product has now replaced the dettol sanitising laundry rinse. it is a 750 ml bottle and my concern was it was red and it was going to stain the clothes. you know what, not a bit of red on any of the clothes. in my 1.25 litre of the old dettol rinse bottle i put about 20 - 30 ml and fill the bottle up with water and it lasts about the same time - 4 - 6 weeks or 470 litre makeups and there are no nasty smells in the clothes. hubby though has helped the situation, he has stopped smoking and will be non smoking for 12 months on 23/12/09.

i love the newbrite guardian disinfectant as a final washing rinse for my clothes. i do though have some washing - mats - that you can't put any final rinse in for and i am happy to wash them without any final rinse as is recommended by the shops/manufacturer. the neways rinse does go into the machine to rinse the machine out after washing the mats.

it has therapeutic goods administration (tga) approval (l91395) and can be used for many things - mould elimination, cleaning surfaces around the house, hotel, resort, can be used to disinfect hairdressing scissors, combs, blades.

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