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insect spray is bad for pregnant women

you may have heard about a british university study about pregnant women and insect spray being bad for them. what was found was that pregnant women should stay away from that in the first trimester as it could have affects on the fetus. this is the same advice that is given to pregnant women in their first trimester for anything that could have potential threats to the fetus - stay away from it for the first trimester.

at this stage neways do not have an insect spray that can be purchased. i have asked them to consider developing one and hope they take some notice as it is an important item here in australia in summer when the flies and mosquitoes come out and are attracted by food and people.

you can use citronella candles to rid yourself from flies and mosquitoes. mosquito coils are available in the shops. you can try rid or aeroguard so you are not annoyed by the pesky flies and mosquitoes. there is also a suggestion that taking a vitamin b supplement will stop the mosquitoes as it changes the blood - mosquitoes are attracted to new blood so the vitamin b will stop them from biting you.


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