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passing away of my father unexpectedly on sunday 20/12/09

i just want to let you know that my father passed away unexpectedly on sunday morning, from a massive heart attack. it was totally a shock for the family and this week has been a hard week with mum having to organise a funeral at christmas time. she has been well supported at the retirement village by the other residents - flowers, cards, food, visits and the funeral service yesterday was very dignified and simple at the same time and dad would have been pleased with the service and the speeches that were given about him. i hope this explains why things this week have been not as regular as normal because we have had to deal with the shock of this sudden loss and get a funeral service done when it is the time for family get togethers. this is going to be a hard time - we are seeing mum tomorrow and my sister and the grand sons stayed with her last night. now it is time for the shock to hit mum now that everything is done in regards to the funeral. it is sad he was taken before his 80th birthday in january 2010.


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