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to those blogs i am following i would love it if you would return the great favour and follow my blog here on blogspot. you will join the journey of healthy home products, how you can have a positive impact on the environment, learn other things (like the granite/uranium post) and have some fun.

please follow as i would love to share with you my healthy home products with you and you could use them possibly in your work. they can be shipped to any place in australia/overseas so that is not an issue.

have a peak at, guest password - choices and you can see what the healthy home products are and if you want to have a demonstration, leave a message in there for me and i will come back to you so it can happen in the new year. if you want to try/buy products, also leave your details and my name so the information is passed on to me. i will help you with either a demonstration or purchasing products.

looking forward to you following my journey/joining our journey and helping you with the healthy home products and changing your impact on the environment.

wishing you a happy and safe 2010.


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