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non toxic product search is still continuing

friday night was a night out to see friends for christmas. we had to take dessert - my job was to do the shopping and that meant going down some of the isles to find things/get things for home and dinner.

you know i have been after this coconut skin range so i went into the chemist there at the shopping centre and looked at their skin range. only one had non toxic chemicals in it. up to 6 non toxic ranges in two chemists that i have found on my research for the coconut skin range.

did my shopping and you know what i found there, some of the christmas packs they have made up are non toxic. that one stunned me - a big named shopping centre having some skin care products that are not toxic and wrapped up for presents for those who have problems with chemicals.

you do need to remember neways has non toxic products - yes there are chemicals but that is to help shelf life, make the product work. go to, guest password - choices and leave your questions/thoughts about the products to me so i can deal with them and get back to you.

still on the hunt for the range so it means now contacting the queensland distributor as it wasn't in the said chemist shop that it was meant to be in under their stockists. hopefully i will get there and get a change to look at the range.


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