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chemicals in products

i am one who loves to read the daily paper. i found this beautiful coconut skin range in the sunday mail 15 november 2009. i looked it up on the web site and on 7/12/09 we were at a shopping centre that is supposed to stock the range so i had a wee look for it.

well it couldn't be found in the chemist and the staff hadn't heard of it. the interesting thing that i found while i was looking for it was that there was a brochure put out by the chemist (name to remain annonymous) introducing natural beauty. in this brochure it listed some of the harmful chemicals in products. these include sodium lauryl sulfate, petro chemicals, paraben, phthalate and animal testing. well during my search i couldn't locate the coconut range and found brochures on products that were not containing the mentioned chemicals. out of the skin care range, the chemist has now picked up 4 ranges that don't have these chemicals.

i know 4 seems small and it is but you have to remember the rest of the skin care ranges at the said chemist contain these chemicals and probably many more harmful ones and could be tested on animals.

neways skin care range does not contain any of these chemicals and are not tested on animals. they contain basic things such as water, essential oils and some chemicals to help their shelf life.

i never found the coconut range so it is back to the internet to do another search. also found some other coconut products at some other shops. i recall i may have one of them already. i wanted to look at the coconut range and see what it included, chemicals/items in it that make it and if it was animal tested. also the smell of coconut reminds of of pina colada which is perfect for the summer heat we are having now.


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