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chemicals in products - 2

i found that i missed one of the companies that has no chemicals in its products at said chemist. that's 5 in total for the said chemist.

today it was off the the shops to get some stuff for christmas. i had a look at the makeup section at one of the big shops (again name will not be mentioned). they have a range of organic products but know brochures about any of their products. it would have been really good to read about the organic makeup range - all good to say it is organic but you need to read the information/they should have brochures for their makeup ranges that are chemical free. very hard to know which is chemical free - free of the chemicals mentioned in the previous blog, and those that are not.

i thought i would have a look at the chemist just down from the shop to see how they did their skin ranges. no chemical free ranges in this chemist and again no brochures about any of the products. very poor of both organisations to not have brochures for chemical free ranges or even have chemical free products.

by the way, i still haven't found the coconut range i am after. it is a mystery to me as to where it is sold. back to the web site for another look. wasn't at the chemist or the shop i was in today.

remember to make sure that you look at the mineral makeup ranges to make sure that it doesn't have toxic chemicals in it - even talcum powder can be dangerous - it has been proven to cause cancer of the cervix in women who put it around their genitals. there are several toxic chemical free ranges out there and there was an article in the newspaper about mineral makeup ranges some months ago that highlighted the importance of making sure you chose one that is chemical free. hard i know because one doesn't know what is toxic or not.

i hope to give you a web site that may help you find out the hidden dangers in the cosmetics. i have been given permission by renowned writter lillian reekie to put information up about her web site and the books she has written about different things. more to come so watch this space!!!


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