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spf 30 sun block for kids

a suggested sun block for kids is uv triplegard colourtech kids sun spray spf 30 ($13.99- sprays on purple so you can see the areas you have missed and rubs in clear. good for those kids who are impatient/don't want sunblock on them., qweekend magazine 12-13/12/09.


getting smoky eye make up right for this summer

smoky eyes are fashionable this season. use lighter shades of gray with a hint of sparkle. using black will close up your eye. don't use kohl on the inner rim of your eye or indeed any colour beneath the bottom lash lines - this makes your eyes look smaller. qweekend magazine 12-13/12/09.



information fans want to know

another fan. 63 and i am stunned. now i am asking you fans, what information do you want to read/know about the healthy home products/get you thinking about perhaps trying some of the products? this site is for you to learn about things/change your impact on the environment so tell me what you would like to be told/want to learn about the products/help change your impact on the environment.


more fans

omg i am stunned - 62 fans. thanks all for joining our site and please learn about the healthy home products. ask questions as i will help you change your effect on the environment and how to make your house and family better off from the use of these products.

go to, guest password - choices and give me your questions, orders, concerns about how i can help you go to healthy home products.


blogs i am following - go to the blog to see the new blogs i am following and join the blog.

come and find out about the advantage of healthy home products.



new fans and recently posted articles on chemicals in soil and getting in our bodies

thanks for the new fans joining. slowing increasing which is good. spread the word amongst your family, friends - may be interested in the articles i have posted about chemicals in the soil. our poor skin has no chance of not absorbing chemicals that are sprayed on crops. we drink it so there is another way of it getting into our body.



chemicals in unwashed/badly washed leeks

heard on ready, steady cook, chanel ten, yesterday the importance of washing leeks very thoroughly because of the soil they contain. you ask why - it was stated because of the chemicals in the soil. very interesting that a chef would make such a statement. seems we need to be very aware of the chemicals we use for farming crops and our water supplies. please think about these subjects when you are buying your fruit and vegies.


chemicals found in special needs children

again this was in the qweekend magazinemailbab of 12-13/12/09 - this letter writer had read an account by dr grace diamond on the prevalence of children born with disabilities in hawaii and a connection between the month of birth and the disability. the letter writer had taken over assessments for 2 special needs establishments in nsw and started looking at the birth month of their clients. the vast majority were born in april - make them wondering if there was a coincidence that there were large amounts of chemical crop spraying at what would have been the first trimester for these children. very interesting.


agricultural chemicals in our water supplies

this is interesting - was in qweekend magazine mailbox of 12-13/12/09 - yes still reading my papers - the letter writer was asking queensland health how much agricultural chemicals in our water supply is at a safe level. she wrote it is in a water supply, the soil, anything grown in the soil and in the air that you breathe, tripling the levels potentially absorbed by the body.



depression blog

i found a blog where the lady is writing about depression and it is great writing about the topic - http// hope you have a read and your members also have a read and the cause followers read it so they can help/understand depression.



another web site -

another site i found about the environment for the environment.


web site -

i found this site for women - helps with environment savings, making contacts and other things that help women. they are wanting 1 million women to join their site. please join.



valentine's day shopping for your sweetheart.

don't forget to buy something from our line for valentine's day. go to info tab for the web sites.


wa cancer foundation web site

please go to and support the work of the wa cancer foundation work in breast cancer awareness and education. buy their popular mens and ladies boots or cancer foundation items. breast cancer can hit either sex so don't think it is just a women's illness.



flavoured lip balms

Flavored lip balms may tempt you to lick your lips, which can aggravate chapping. To treat or prevent chapped lips, use a plain lip balm with petrolatum, beeswax or an oil-based lubricating cream. Make sure to choose one with sunscreen. i know the flavoured lip balms make me lick my lips more - i put them on at night and that seems to resolve that problem.

mayo clinic housecalls - 19/1/10 -



reuseable nappies

found a review of reuseable nappies -,, from my understanding of the review - cushie tushies were the better option as you can use them as bub grows/don't have to but another size as they grow.



found a great jewellery site/fb page

found a great jewellery site/fb page - focuses on recycling of jewellery. great idea.


newbrite guardian disinfectent as a final washing rinse

well i did a really smart thing last week - i washed towels and forgot about them and found them when i went to do the washing today. you will never ever believe this - i couldn't - they didn't smell musty or need to be rewashed because of smell/mould. obviously the new brite guardian disinfectent i am using as a rinse has helped make this possible. a good reason to refer these great products/web sites to everyone.


increase in fans

wow there are now 53 fans. thanks folks. please refer your friends, twitter followers, myspace, ebay, oztion and other sites to this site. we want to change the way people use products in their house and on themselves and workplaces and convert them to the healthy home products and how they are good for them/their house and workplace. would love some fans from workplaces to learn about these products.



refresh, shower and body gel

refresh, shower and body gel is a great item to use to remove blood from clothes, bathroom towels, mats. apply and wash item in cold water and then wash as normally in the washing machine.



valentine's day shopping for your sweetheart.

with valentines day a month away, it is time to look for something for your sweatheart. look on, guest password - choices and order something nice for your sweatheart. for makeup that will not harm your sweatheart's skin, have a look at providing choices or if yo...u go to providing choices to contact us, leave a message and we will contact you about your product.


federal skin cancer web site

have a look at the federal government's program for educating people on skin cancer in 2009/10. give any feedback you think they need - i want spf 50 sunblock available in australia - it is in usa and other places and should be here when we have the worlds highest skin cancer mortality rate.


too many chemicals on skins

this great article from november 2009 in the daily telegraph, was on fit for life online's facebook page. this is why people should be looking at the healthy home skin care products and makeup products.



african albino project and help from wahm/d web sites

please wahm/d business web sites, please donate hats, sunnies and sunblock to the african albino project that is being organised by the fellowship of alginoism in australia. please refer to 7.30 report for further information. all help from all wahm/d web sites would be very appreciated as it would be a found project for web sites to get their members, families and friends, fans to support.


product demonstration

is wondering if any fans or fans friends, family members want to have a demonstration of the healthy home products. let me know if you are interested in a demonstration of all products or come of the products and i can organise a time for you. even possible to have an eparty by looking at the providing choices web site and looking at the products and then ordering. if this is of interest, again let me know.


facebook fan page

44 fans is great. thanks all. please refer your family and friends here as we want to help make your home a healthy one.


cancer request

Put ♥ this ♥ on ♥ your ♥ status ♥ if ♥ you ♥ know ♥ someone ♥ who ♥ has ♥ or ♥ had ♥ cancer! ♥ All I wish for in 2010 is a CURE! ♥ 93% WON'T Copy and Paste this, will YOU 4 just one hour - for you dad - rip 201209. please put on as many sites as possible.



go go pets and a carcionecic chemical in them

in the courier mail on 8/12/09 - go go pets - battery powered guinea pigs were linked in the usa with the chemical element antimony - a carciogenic chemical. usa web site the goodguide linked it to cancer, heart and hung problems if ingested. australia hasn't done anything about them and at the time were waiting for accc investigation. i think it would be an idea to remove from children.


autism posting on fb profile, fan page, twitter, myspace, etc

Please put this on your status if you know someone (or are related to someone) who has AUTISM. My wish for 2010 is that people will understand that autism is not a disease; people with autism are not looking for a cure but for ACCEPTANCE 93% won't Copy and Paste this, will YOU make this your status for at least one hour. all fans please put this on your profile and favourites, put on all your sites.

for all of my friends affected by autism. my thoughts go out to you all and hope 2010 is a better year for you all.

please spread this message around the world - like the bra campaign on fb which got a mention on the american tv.



hidden dangers web site

hey go to lillian reekie's web site to find out how positive words can help people with problems and no problems - such as autism, adhd, lack of confidence, stop smoking, weight loss.



current hair products with propylene glycol

well i have found that my current hair products have propylene glycol in them. it is any wonder the authors of slow death by rubber duck are saying that the body is containing pollution, thanks to this product that is easily absorbed by the area it is being used on - hair in my case.



found a bottle with propylene glycol in it

last night i found one bottle with propylene glycol in it. an old bottle of shampoo. couldn't check the conditioner - couldn't find it.



propylene glycol

i had a look at my products that could contain propylene glycol and none of my products that i use have it in it.



propylene glycol - toxic product in hair products, aftershave, toothpaste, mosituriser, deoderant, handwash, makeup

this came from - what a beauty on facebook - think all natural cosmetic pages should post it to their site to make people aware of this chemical. Would you knowingly feed your skin petroleum plastic on a daily basis? If you are using products that "glide" - hair products, aftershave, toothpaste, moisturiser, deodorant, hand wash or make-up, you might be doing just that."Propylene glycol is a petroleum plastic that can easily penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin potentially weakening cellular structure."

go to, guest password - choices and leave a message for me if you need more assistance about our products and this chemical propylene glycol. also go to to look at the chemicals in the healthy products makeup products.

please pass this page onto others in the cosmetic industry as this seems to be a very dangerous product.



the new years resolution to lose weight - why do we set this challenge each year???

well here it is the 4th day of 2010. how many of you made the new year's resolution to lose weight. have a look at the providing choices web site and look at the weight loss program neways provide. it is providing people with great results.

there are things you need to be aware of if you are using meal replacement programs for your weight loss - watch the sugar levels in them - most of them have high levels of sugar in them and when you come off them, the weight gain starts almost immediately and you have side effects from the amount of sugar in the program. make sure your program has a variety of flavours so you don't get bored with the one flavour. if drinking alcohol (those that do are lucky) stay away from the dark spirits and stick to the clear spirits as the dark spirits cause weight gain. remember to drink 8 glasses of water during the day and more in the australian summer heat - will help to hydrate you and to fill you up. be aware of drinking diet softdrinks and diet/sugarless cordials - read the labels to see what is in them that can replace sugar and have side effects from drinking too much of them. remember to have a meal a day with at least 2 cups of salad/vegies, have six small meals a day and that includes 2 -3 meal replacements. try protein shakes to increase weight loss and have one as the final thing before going to bed as it will work on your weight loss while you are sleeping, do some exercise - if like me it is hard try 3 x 10 minutes instead of one 30 minute go, do exercise you will enjoy - if you don't like gyms, don't pay to attend as you won't use the membership. try to get a weightloss buddy so you have a reason to do your exercising.

there is a 12 week weight loss program on face book - family capers page. it is an australian one and you can win different prices and the registration amount is $10. they are encouraging the use of protein and meal replacement shakes and 6 small meals a day. once you join to take place you get access to the information about the diet, exercise, etc. there is a site you can go to to ask questions about the challenge/other issues you have about it. it has been going for about 5 years, everytime this year. have a look at it and see if it will work for you. i had no luck getting hubby to think about joining this so i am at a loss as to what we should do for our weight loss. he can't have the neways program as he has allergies to some of the things in it so i guess it will be make an appointment to see the dietician and see where we can go. he has to do something as he now has diabetes type 2.

hope you keep your weightloss resolution and wish you lots of luck on it.



nice smelling washing

as you know i use diluted guardian disinfectent for my rinse in my washing machine. a good way to get the smell you would get from fabric softener is to add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil into the guardian and then your washing will have a nice smell to it without the toxic chemicals from the fabric softener. my favourite is lavender essential oil.



happy 2010 and how to increase blog followers

happy new year and i hope 2010 is good to you and your family and friends.

i would love to increase the blogs membership base. can you help me do this. i have encouraged people on the fb fan page and twitter so hopefully that will help.

am wanting to try my new true touch makeup that i got to replace the makeup that i haven't used since i stopped work. i am excited at having some new products to try/write about in the blog.

remember to go to the fan page to get the web sites to go to and look at the healthy home products and if you have any questions, sign into the providing choices site and leave a note with our names on it and we can come back to you to help you with your healthy home questions and how to change your impact on the environment.