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granite kitchen tops and sickness

is wondering if people with granite kitchen tops realise that they can be making you sick/eliminating uranium into your house and making you sick. if you have such a bench top, you need to get and industrial hygenist in to measure the levels the granite is eliminating.


still after chemical free coconut products

had to go and get some goodies for hubby's family christmas dinner on 23/12/09. i looked in the grocery shop and they have a small range of chemical free products - that stunned me.

then went into the chemist to see what they stocked, if at all. it was a small chemist so i wasn't expecting them to stock anything without chemicals but they also had two ranges of chemical free products. only thing was they didn't have any product brochures about their ranges. this i found disappointing as every other chemist has had brochures about their special products. also means that the grocery companies have to get brochures for their products if they expect to keep up with other products such as our products, chemist ranges and other companies that are chemical, toxic free.

this is still all as a result of looking for the coconut range. still having problems finding them - web site didn't help me find another seller. may wait until the new year and contact them to see if i can buy on line or they can definitely tell me where it is stocked.



passing away of my father unexpectedly on sunday 20/12/09

i just want to let you know that my father passed away unexpectedly on sunday morning, from a massive heart attack. it was totally a shock for the family and this week has been a hard week with mum having to organise a funeral at christmas time. she has been well supported at the retirement village by the other residents - flowers, cards, food, visits and the funeral service yesterday was very dignified and simple at the same time and dad would have been pleased with the service and the speeches that were given about him. i hope this explains why things this week have been not as regular as normal because we have had to deal with the shock of this sudden loss and get a funeral service done when it is the time for family get togethers. this is going to be a hard time - we are seeing mum tomorrow and my sister and the grand sons stayed with her last night. now it is time for the shock to hit mum now that everything is done in regards to the funeral. it is sad he was taken before his 80th birthday in january 2010.


magnetic jewellery

you think that all magnetic jewellery is all the same. this is not the case at all. our magnetic woollen underlay is not doing what it is meant to do and for the price we paid for it. magnetic jewellery is a matter of experiementing with it to see if it works on you or not. the one that my hubby has (his mother also has one and she suffers from phatom pains from losing her leg) is of high quality and when we were in tasmania in june 09, sitting in the airport waiting for the plane to board, he asked a gentleman to put it over the bridge of his nose as he had sinus problems/possible cold starting. he was in pain before he tried it and he put it over the bridge of his nose for about a minute and the pain he was feeling stopped. when hubby explained the brand, neways, the man and his wife were users of neways products and had forgotten about the magnetic jewellery. he was able to board the plane and survive the flight without any pain - goes to show these items are of good quality products.

there is an important thing to remember when selling magnetic jewellery to women - you need to find out if they are pregnant or not. there is no evidence/little evidence as to what the magnetic jewellery can do to the mum/fetus at any stage of the pregnancy - my friend rejected using it because of these reasons when we were there in july 09 and because she didn't want to risk a miscarriage - no clear evidence to relate magnetic jewellery to mum's having miscarriages. it is up to you when you are using the product/trying it on people, to make sure they are not pregnant/research any problems a neways magnetic product can have on a pregnant mum.

hubby is very pleased with his purchase of his magnetic jewellery and wears it all the time and moves it to places where he has pain/problems. they are of good quality and as a result are priced accordingly - $70 plus mark - think hubbies was about $80 and then he thought he had lost it but it was left at his parents place so he gave it to his mum and bought another one for himself.

remember we have all heard how effective magnets are meant to be to relieve pain, help back problems, help with headaches, sinus pain/problems. you need to get good quality products to ensure they do their job that you want them to do. the neways magnetic jewellery works on most things it has been tried on and are of excellent quality.



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non toxic product search is still continuing

friday night was a night out to see friends for christmas. we had to take dessert - my job was to do the shopping and that meant going down some of the isles to find things/get things for home and dinner.

you know i have been after this coconut skin range so i went into the chemist there at the shopping centre and looked at their skin range. only one had non toxic chemicals in it. up to 6 non toxic ranges in two chemists that i have found on my research for the coconut skin range.

did my shopping and you know what i found there, some of the christmas packs they have made up are non toxic. that one stunned me - a big named shopping centre having some skin care products that are not toxic and wrapped up for presents for those who have problems with chemicals.

you do need to remember neways has non toxic products - yes there are chemicals but that is to help shelf life, make the product work. go to, guest password - choices and leave your questions/thoughts about the products to me so i can deal with them and get back to you.

still on the hunt for the range so it means now contacting the queensland distributor as it wasn't in the said chemist shop that it was meant to be in under their stockists. hopefully i will get there and get a change to look at the range.



wrinkle garde

you should try this product. it is giving instant changes to wrinkles on the hands, face and even helps with scaring. a little of the product goes a long way so the bottle will last you about 9 - 12 months if there is only the one of you using it. in our house it is a fight to use it/have it because we are so impressed with the results of it.

if it a hostess gift if you have a presentation and a couple of friends over to learn about the neways products and how beneficial they are in helping make your home a healthy place to live in.

pop onto the web site, guest password choices and read the information about wrinkle garde and if you are interested in finding out more about it, please leave feedback on there for robyn kieseker and i will help you make this product part of your daily beauty regime. if hubby and i can use it/hide it from each other, because it is such a great product, you and your family members will love it. it could help to fade the scars you may have from operations. remember thought it helps mainly for wrinkle on face and hands and any additional benefits you get, i would love to hear about them

make this product your necessity in your skin care range.

coconut creme

given the saga of the coconut skin range i was trying to find at the non said chemist, i tried another shop (again not mentioned) and i got some of their range.

disappointing was the lack of coconut smell there was to it but i still wanted it so i got it. will do some more research on the range i am really after and see if i get any better details on where i might be able to get it from.

the range i did get had no toxic chemicals in it and is a new range for the shops.

will keep you informed of my progress/research.



stretch marks

just a very quick note, for stretch marks from weight gain, or pregnancy, rub lavender essential oils on them to fade them or rub bio oil on them to help them fade/disappear. the bio oil would be better for men to use as it doesn't contain any smell.


chemicals in products - 2

i found that i missed one of the companies that has no chemicals in its products at said chemist. that's 5 in total for the said chemist.

today it was off the the shops to get some stuff for christmas. i had a look at the makeup section at one of the big shops (again name will not be mentioned). they have a range of organic products but know brochures about any of their products. it would have been really good to read about the organic makeup range - all good to say it is organic but you need to read the information/they should have brochures for their makeup ranges that are chemical free. very hard to know which is chemical free - free of the chemicals mentioned in the previous blog, and those that are not.

i thought i would have a look at the chemist just down from the shop to see how they did their skin ranges. no chemical free ranges in this chemist and again no brochures about any of the products. very poor of both organisations to not have brochures for chemical free ranges or even have chemical free products.

by the way, i still haven't found the coconut range i am after. it is a mystery to me as to where it is sold. back to the web site for another look. wasn't at the chemist or the shop i was in today.

remember to make sure that you look at the mineral makeup ranges to make sure that it doesn't have toxic chemicals in it - even talcum powder can be dangerous - it has been proven to cause cancer of the cervix in women who put it around their genitals. there are several toxic chemical free ranges out there and there was an article in the newspaper about mineral makeup ranges some months ago that highlighted the importance of making sure you chose one that is chemical free. hard i know because one doesn't know what is toxic or not.

i hope to give you a web site that may help you find out the hidden dangers in the cosmetics. i have been given permission by renowned writter lillian reekie to put information up about her web site and the books she has written about different things. more to come so watch this space!!!



chemicals in products

i am one who loves to read the daily paper. i found this beautiful coconut skin range in the sunday mail 15 november 2009. i looked it up on the web site and on 7/12/09 we were at a shopping centre that is supposed to stock the range so i had a wee look for it.

well it couldn't be found in the chemist and the staff hadn't heard of it. the interesting thing that i found while i was looking for it was that there was a brochure put out by the chemist (name to remain annonymous) introducing natural beauty. in this brochure it listed some of the harmful chemicals in products. these include sodium lauryl sulfate, petro chemicals, paraben, phthalate and animal testing. well during my search i couldn't locate the coconut range and found brochures on products that were not containing the mentioned chemicals. out of the skin care range, the chemist has now picked up 4 ranges that don't have these chemicals.

i know 4 seems small and it is but you have to remember the rest of the skin care ranges at the said chemist contain these chemicals and probably many more harmful ones and could be tested on animals.

neways skin care range does not contain any of these chemicals and are not tested on animals. they contain basic things such as water, essential oils and some chemicals to help their shelf life.

i never found the coconut range so it is back to the internet to do another search. also found some other coconut products at some other shops. i recall i may have one of them already. i wanted to look at the coconut range and see what it included, chemicals/items in it that make it and if it was animal tested. also the smell of coconut reminds of of pina colada which is perfect for the summer heat we are having now.



washing rinse for the washing machine

i don't know about you but i had a hubby who used to smoke and it wasn't light smoking but very heavy smoking. i would use fabric softener for the final washing rinse but you smokey smell would still be in the clothes. then i started using dettol sanitising laundry rinse which had natural eucalyptus oil in it to eliminate the smell of the smoke in the clothes.

it was an amazing change. the first wash you couldn't smell the smoke in the clothes. as well as doing that the sanitising laundry rinse would remove 99.9% of germs which was good if we were sick and helped stop passing germs onto the other and was good given hubby drives cabs.

this laundry rinse come in a 1.25 litre bottle and was about $8.00 a bottle which would last about 4 - 6 weeks.

given we are neways distributors, i found some of the newbrite guardian disinfectant on the table where the neways purchases for us are put and i thought i would give it a go. this products sells for approximately up to $25 but remember this 750 ml bottle will give you 470 litre makeups.

well you would never know that this product has now replaced the dettol sanitising laundry rinse. it is a 750 ml bottle and my concern was it was red and it was going to stain the clothes. you know what, not a bit of red on any of the clothes. in my 1.25 litre of the old dettol rinse bottle i put about 20 - 30 ml and fill the bottle up with water and it lasts about the same time - 4 - 6 weeks or 470 litre makeups and there are no nasty smells in the clothes. hubby though has helped the situation, he has stopped smoking and will be non smoking for 12 months on 23/12/09.

i love the newbrite guardian disinfectant as a final washing rinse for my clothes. i do though have some washing - mats - that you can't put any final rinse in for and i am happy to wash them without any final rinse as is recommended by the shops/manufacturer. the neways rinse does go into the machine to rinse the machine out after washing the mats.

it has therapeutic goods administration (tga) approval (l91395) and can be used for many things - mould elimination, cleaning surfaces around the house, hotel, resort, can be used to disinfect hairdressing scissors, combs, blades.


connect2mums chrissy extravaganza

had a great night on friday night, meeting people, seeing products and talking about products and got some help with our business, talking about health issues/ideas with the ot. a good contact for me for chemicals in goods and a good contact for my friend and another c2m who's children have asd. will have to message her to help them with the problems they are dealing with. hubby was there - grumpy so he went and had some dinner and came back for me just as i was talking about chemicals in goods so it was a very quick look at a couple more displays/missed two and we left.

bonus won a raffle so that was great. will be interesting to see what i select.

great night had by all except one grumpy hubby.

btw if you want to see the photos go to and join jodie's christmas extravaganza and friend nicole grant and they are on there under nicole's entry.


breast cancer mammograms in the usa

you may be aware that a committee was established to look at mammograms for women in the usa. it has now made the recommendations and they are that women over 50 have a mammogram every two years.

unlike australia, where you can have them from 40 onwards (fighting to have it from 30 given the numbers of women getting breast cancer in their 30's. here we still have them every two years and have breast checks by gp, gyneo's to make sure there are no lumps. we also do monthly breast checks.

it was though interesting to find out that the committee had not radioligsts, no doctors, no specialists of any kind in regards to breast cancer. this would explain this decision because the experts have had no imput into the committee. they don't even say for women to know their bodies or really support breast examinations or monthly breast checks. but we all know here in australia that these types of things are very important to find lumps and have them treated if they are malignent/have chemo and radium.

keep up your breast exams, monthly breast checks and know your body/boobies shape so that if something doesn't look right, can be look at asap. any lump anywhere in your body that you know shouldn't be there should be seen to asap. also any symptoms like headaches, nausea, numb limbs, etc should be followed up as well. it may not be that dreaded cancer word but it is important to eliminate all possibilities of what it could be - stroke, migraines, pinched nerves, etc.


insect spray is bad for pregnant women

you may have heard about a british university study about pregnant women and insect spray being bad for them. what was found was that pregnant women should stay away from that in the first trimester as it could have affects on the fetus. this is the same advice that is given to pregnant women in their first trimester for anything that could have potential threats to the fetus - stay away from it for the first trimester.

at this stage neways do not have an insect spray that can be purchased. i have asked them to consider developing one and hope they take some notice as it is an important item here in australia in summer when the flies and mosquitoes come out and are attracted by food and people.

you can use citronella candles to rid yourself from flies and mosquitoes. mosquito coils are available in the shops. you can try rid or aeroguard so you are not annoyed by the pesky flies and mosquitoes. there is also a suggestion that taking a vitamin b supplement will stop the mosquitoes as it changes the blood - mosquitoes are attracted to new blood so the vitamin b will stop them from biting you.


mouthwash causing cancer

recently you may have heard that mouth washes have been accused of causing cancer in people. the report suggested that the alcohol in mouth washes that was high was the reason for cancers occuring and suggested people not use high alcohol mouthwashes. it is therefore important that when shopping you check the alcohol levels in your mouthwash you want to purchase or have at home and if it is over 60% don't buy it.

if you go into the neways web site, you can see refresh, our mouthwash product. 'it helps promote healthy looking teeth and gums when used with approved dental hygience program'. you will notice that refresh has NO alcohol in it and would be a great product to convert to in hoping to avoid cancers. refresh comes in a 500 ml bottle and you use one capful to rinse your mouth.

robyn, guest password - choices.


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