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you think that all magnetic jewellery is all the same. this is not the case at all. our magnetic woollen underlay is not doing what it is meant to do and for the price we paid for it. magnetic jewellery is a matter of experiementing with it to see if it works on you or not. the one that my hubby has (his mother also has one and she suffers from phatom pains from losing her leg) is of high quality and when we were in tasmania in june 09, sitting in the airport waiting for the plane to board, he asked a gentleman to put it over the bridge of his nose as he had sinus problems/possible cold starting. he was in pain before he tried it and he put it over the bridge of his nose for about a minute and the pain he was feeling stopped. when hubby explained the brand, neways, the man and his wife were users of neways products and had forgotten about the magnetic jewellery. he was able to board the plane and survive the flight without any pain - goes to show these items are of good quality products.

there is an important thing to remember when selling magnetic jewellery to women - you need to find out if they are pregnant or not. there is no evidence/little evidence as to what the magnetic jewellery can do to the mum/fetus at any stage of the pregnancy - my friend rejected using it because of these reasons when we were there in july 09 and because she didn't want to risk a miscarriage - no clear evidence to relate magnetic jewellery to mum's having miscarriages. it is up to you when you are using the product/trying it on people, to make sure they are not pregnant/research any problems a neways magnetic product can have on a pregnant mum.

hubby is very pleased with his purchase of his magnetic jewellery and wears it all the time and moves it to places where he has pain/problems. they are of good quality and as a result are priced accordingly - $70 plus mark - think hubbies was about $80 and then he thought he had lost it but it was left at his parents place so he gave it to his mum and bought another one for himself.

remember we have all heard how effective magnets are meant to be to relieve pain, help back problems, help with headaches, sinus pain/problems. you need to get good quality products to ensure they do their job that you want them to do. the neways magnetic jewellery works on most things it has been tried on and are of excellent quality.


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