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still after chemical free coconut products

had to go and get some goodies for hubby's family christmas dinner on 23/12/09. i looked in the grocery shop and they have a small range of chemical free products - that stunned me.

then went into the chemist to see what they stocked, if at all. it was a small chemist so i wasn't expecting them to stock anything without chemicals but they also had two ranges of chemical free products. only thing was they didn't have any product brochures about their ranges. this i found disappointing as every other chemist has had brochures about their special products. also means that the grocery companies have to get brochures for their products if they expect to keep up with other products such as our products, chemist ranges and other companies that are chemical, toxic free.

this is still all as a result of looking for the coconut range. still having problems finding them - web site didn't help me find another seller. may wait until the new year and contact them to see if i can buy on line or they can definitely tell me where it is stocked.


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