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the new years resolution to lose weight - why do we set this challenge each year???

well here it is the 4th day of 2010. how many of you made the new year's resolution to lose weight. have a look at the providing choices web site and look at the weight loss program neways provide. it is providing people with great results.

there are things you need to be aware of if you are using meal replacement programs for your weight loss - watch the sugar levels in them - most of them have high levels of sugar in them and when you come off them, the weight gain starts almost immediately and you have side effects from the amount of sugar in the program. make sure your program has a variety of flavours so you don't get bored with the one flavour. if drinking alcohol (those that do are lucky) stay away from the dark spirits and stick to the clear spirits as the dark spirits cause weight gain. remember to drink 8 glasses of water during the day and more in the australian summer heat - will help to hydrate you and to fill you up. be aware of drinking diet softdrinks and diet/sugarless cordials - read the labels to see what is in them that can replace sugar and have side effects from drinking too much of them. remember to have a meal a day with at least 2 cups of salad/vegies, have six small meals a day and that includes 2 -3 meal replacements. try protein shakes to increase weight loss and have one as the final thing before going to bed as it will work on your weight loss while you are sleeping, do some exercise - if like me it is hard try 3 x 10 minutes instead of one 30 minute go, do exercise you will enjoy - if you don't like gyms, don't pay to attend as you won't use the membership. try to get a weightloss buddy so you have a reason to do your exercising.

there is a 12 week weight loss program on face book - family capers page. it is an australian one and you can win different prices and the registration amount is $10. they are encouraging the use of protein and meal replacement shakes and 6 small meals a day. once you join to take place you get access to the information about the diet, exercise, etc. there is a site you can go to to ask questions about the challenge/other issues you have about it. it has been going for about 5 years, everytime this year. have a look at it and see if it will work for you. i had no luck getting hubby to think about joining this so i am at a loss as to what we should do for our weight loss. he can't have the neways program as he has allergies to some of the things in it so i guess it will be make an appointment to see the dietician and see where we can go. he has to do something as he now has diabetes type 2.

hope you keep your weightloss resolution and wish you lots of luck on it.


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